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I'm told that the Mind Detox Tunbridge Wells  Newsletter is rather good, so here is the back copies since 2016. In the newsletter I always try and share a relevant topic for the people I am working with, as well as links to our recent blog posts, special offers, the latest meditation and retreat dates and talks and events that you might be interested in.


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Back issues


Aug 2017 - Don't get mad - get Mind Calm!!


July 2017 - Are you worthy? (I think so!)


June 2017 - Come share the sunshine!!


May 2017 - Got that Monday Morning feeling?


Apr 2017 - I'm back!!! Tales from New Zealand


Feb 2017 - Important news about services!


Jan 2017 Accomplish your purpose!!


Dec 2016 - My most heartfelt Christmas wishes...


Nov 2016Lift your spirits with food and an insight into loss


Oct 2016 - Awesome Autumn and a movie invite...


Sept 2016 - Event organiser or Mind Detox Practitioner? Sometimes I wonder...


Aug 2016 - Can I drum into you how good September is going to be?


July 2016 - You are my sunshine...


June 2016July's dates and special picture!

May 2016 -  Dates and news - I'm getting married!

April 2016 - Mays dates and a Mind Detox special offer!


Mar 2016 - Spring detox and a lot of interesting dates!


Feb 2016 - March dates, a great offer and exciting news!


Jan 2016 - Beat the winter blues and join our groups!

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