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 5 reasons to do Calmology...


1) To let go of a health complaint or health condition

2) To reduce stress in your life

3) To let go of the past and move forwards

4) To get better clarity and purpose

5) To open up to new opportunties and embrace new experiences






"One word - "Wow!" Doing the mind detox with Becci was an amazing experience... "




"Many thanks again for the work you have done with me. This is a very powerful method which I feel is much more effective than traditional methods when you just talk over problems."






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Welcome to Mind Detox Tunbridge Wells!

Becci Godfrey


"No matter what the cause of a problem or illness, it is my belief that given the opportunity, the body is able to heal. Whether it is doing a Mind Detox to let go of why a problem is showing up in your life, or learning meditation to positively support the body, the Calmology appraoch is a great place to start to experience more health, abundance and prosperity." 

Becci Godfrey, Tunbridge Wells based Calmologist Practitioner and trainer









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Becci Godfrey of Mind Detox Tunbridge Wells is an alumni member of The Mind Detox Academy, as created by Sandy Newbigging.


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About Calmology


Calmology is a range of coaching tools to help you experience more CALM, achieve your goals and experience your Hearts Highest Hope.


Calmology works with the knowledge that our behaviour, including our health, relationship patterns, financial habits and ability to enjoy life is impacted by our thinking and our relationship to thinking. With Calmology, we are learning to experience a Peace with Life approach, so that our body can rest, our mind can relax and we can fulfil our life purpose. 





Calmology knows that it is not what is happening in life that is a problem for us, but our relationship to what is happening. Through the Mind Calm and Body Calm meditation techniques, people learn to have Peace with Mind and Peace with Body giving both the rest they need to be healthier. With the Mind Detox and Calm Cure coaching techniques, people are able to let go of why something is a problem for them, by healing the past and learning to experience life fully. Together, they make a complete solution to addressing and becoming more ourselves from life's challenges.


Calmology often provides quite fascinating insights into your life and is a positive experience. Clients report that they are able to turn a once difficult situation into an opportunity and grow as a result. For others, it can be about letting go of some unhelpful beliefs and embracing a more holistic truth so they can exerience life from a more healthy, peaceful and relaxed place. Check out our Success Stories page to find out how you too could benefit.


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"We accomplished in one session what it would take six counselling sessions to achieve." Rachel, Counsellor, Hertfordshire


"Hi Becci, just wanted to say a big thank you for how you've helped to transform my life in the last year. You're pretty amazing." JW, Sussex


For an intial free phone or email chat to decide whether meditation or Calmology Coaching is right for you, contact Becci on:


+44 (0) 1892 853518

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