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 "The mind detox is helping hugely, I'm in a relationship for the first time in two years without feeling worried!"








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"Feeling good still. Very positive change in thinking today, and not too tired at the moment. Finding joy in present time more now. Just feels as it should be."












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Coaching is a 3, 6 or 12 month programme to help you achieve a long-term goal. This might be to overcome an issue in your life, deal with a health condition or simply to learn to experience more peace, joy and happiness with the life you already have. 


A Coaching Package is designed around you and your needs. We start by getting clear on what you want to let go of, the outcomes you are looking to achieve, the viability of those outcomes and what positive aspects of your life that you wish to experience more of. 


Coaching is focused around the knowledge that we are infinitely creative beings, capable of experiencing our hearts greatest desire. By working with Becci over a series of weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions, you are able to strip away many layers of unhelpful thinking that has contributed to your current issue(s) and regain your potential and your power. 


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 "What you seek, is seeking you." Rumi


Becci's role is to assess your situation, know your final outcome and lead you through the process of healing and growing. For this I will draw upon my Calmology, Reiki and Horse Assisted Education knowledge, offering you a mutlifacetted approach to healing. 


Coaching is perfect to be done alongside conventional and other traditional therapies to bring a holistic perspective to your learning and growth, or can be done on it's own to get you inspired and started in a new direction.


Previous clients have used coaching to address major health conditions, deal with grief and bereavement, recover from Post Truamatic Stress Disorder, to let go of negative self-image or to find the courage to start new business ventures.  


These up to 90 minute sessions can be done in person, or via Skype (except the sessions with the horses!). Price guidelines for coaching packages are:


1 session (1hr) - £95

3 months (4 hrs coaching) - £340

6 months (8 hrs coaching) - £595

12 months (15 hrs coaching) - £880

Breakthrough Day (up to 6 hours) - £495


Contact Becci to find out more and hear about previous success stories or to sign up to one of the packages above.

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