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How does Calmology work?


Calmology knows that thoughts are very powerful things. Take a moment to stop and pause, and count the thoughts that run through your mind in just 60 seconds...


Every day we have several thousands of thoughts, some of which we are aware of, but most of which take place in our unconscious mind, below the level of our conscious awareness. The majority of the thoughts we have each day are indentical to the day before and these play like a tape recorder on loop, forming the background soundtrack to which we live in.


We can think of it as something like an iceberg, the conscious thinking forming the small part we are aware of, and the majority of our thoughts under the water - still present, but away from our conscious gaze. It is here, in our unconscious mind where the majority of our memories, emotions, behaviours and maintenance of the body comes from.




Thoughts ideally move through our body like clouds float through the sky, freely and with no resistance. However, sometimes through a trauma, an unexpected event or learned behaviour we resist our experiences and our thoughts are unable to move through and become trapped, playing over and over in our unconscious mind until we release them. These trapped thoughts, feelings, beliefs and emotions are often referred to as stuck or stagnant energy, and over time can have a negative impact on our performance and health (see mind-body connection). These negative thought patterns, can leave us feeling depleted, drained, emotional, frustrated and unhappy. Furthermore, we often feel this way, but we don't know why!

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