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"Thank you soooooo much for the lovely day. I can't thank you enough for your touching and generous comments. You have been incredibly helpful." Karen, Hampshire.

Clinic locations and booking details


Coaching sessions last up to 75 minutes and are available at:



Central  Tunbridge Wells                 The Old Farmhouse
Kent                                Brickyard Lane
                                     Mark Cross
                                              East Sussex


And online via Skype.



Daytime sessions, plus some evening and weekend availability. 



Clinic times vary in each location, so get in touch to find out what times are available. Click here for contact details. 


An individual session costs £95 and is suitable to clear up one small issue. 


It is recommended that you invest in a minimum of six sessions to tackle a health condition, particularly if it is chronic. Choose from a series of Mind Detoxes to let  go of problems, learn one of the  Calm Meditation techniques to change your relationship with your body and mind. The investment for this is £450, with additional sessions beyond this costing £75.


Health Coaching sessions are calculated on an individual basis depending on your current situtation and chosen outcomes. A course of 3 months minimum is recommended, with no upper limit. Please contact us to find out more. 


Concessions available, see Frequently Asked Questions.



Initial Consultation

Here at Mind Detox Tunbridge Wells, we appreciate that paying out for a Coaching  session might seem a bit of a leap without knowing something about me or the method first. To help you decide whether Calmology is right for you we offer a free up to 30 minute telephone consultation.


If you would like something a little more, we also offer an inital 1hr face-to-face consulation for £45 (in person and via Skype). In this session you can take the time to get clear on what is a problem for you and whether the Calmology  approach would be right the right course of action. You can use this time to ask the advice of an expert and pick up a useful technique to take away and start working with straight away. For some, this short consultation is all that they will need, whilst others may feel reassured that a course of Coaching sessions is going to achieve the result they are looking for. If this sounds useful to you, then get in touch to arrange a suitable time.


Breakthrough Days

Alternatively, you might like one of our Breakthrough Days. Our Breakthrough Day's are designed to turn your problems around in a short space of time and to set you in a new direction. They are ideal for when you have to travel long distances, making a series of sessions impractical or for when you wish to immerse yourself in a day of clearing of old beliefs and positive thinking. Choose from completing a series of Mind Detox's or learning how to Meditate to adding in the option to have a Reiki session or spending time with our horses. A Breakthrough Day will be a powerful day of releasing the old and learning new and helpful thought patterns to align with your goals and support you in the future, all of which takes place in an incredible rural environment with a nourishing and healthy lunch. 

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