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What to expect


The objective of a Mind Detox experience is to provide a swift, effective healing tool by working with the source of your problem - in the unconscious mind. 


Treatment RoomBy using a series of very good questions I will support you to establish the origin of the problem and why it was a problem for you. We then swiftly move on to see the bigger picture, heal the experience and extract learnings from it. In many cases, in going back to an experience as adults we are easily able to throw new light on a situation, seeing elements we were unable to before and bringing new, more helpful qualities to the fore. 


We then install this learning into the body with a visualisation technique and then continue to test that we have cleared all elements of the problem untill we are certain that your score for that problem is zero. 


Once done, you are free to leave with your new more helpful and supportive belief system, based on the truth and with a more compassionate, holistic perspective. From now on, you will no longer experience that emotion in response to that trigger and your body will be free to function in a healthier manner. In virtually every case the emotional healing for that incident is instant and the physical healing takes as long as it takes for the body to regenerate itself.


Multiple sessions

Sometimes a problem may be created by multiple stresses or unhelpful beliefs, and in these situations it is recommended that you have more than one session. When we have got to all the root-cause reasons then the potential exists for either the problem to cease to exist, or you will feel neutral and at complete peace with what is happening in your life.


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"Sometimes even to live is an act of courage. " 
― Seneca (c. 3 BC - 65 AD)



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