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Mon 1st  - 29th June 2020


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"Dear Becci, Thank you so much for the weekly sessions, I have enjoyed them and benefited from it. Especially during this very strange time." 
Emma, YoYo Design Ltd





Becci Godfrey is a Calm Meditation Coach as acredited by Sandy Newbigging's Calm Academy.




Meditation is a chance to stop, centre yourself, enjoy some much needed rest and let yourself come fully into the present moment where everything is good enough, exactly as it is. Used correctly, meditation can help develop a better and more healthy relationship with your mind, rather than being at the mercy of it, and give you and your body the chance to repair and heal. Those that meditate regularly share that the practice gives them a deep experience of peace, greater clarity and more resilience in stressful situations. 


Meditation can be described as:


  • a willingness to find inner peace
  • an exploration into your true essence
  • an opportunity to exist beyond the confines of the mind
  • opportunity to let the body rest and heal.


The benefits of meditation are well documented. A significant part of most Eastern religions, where it has been practiced for over 5,000 years, meditation is linked with greater presence and awareness, higher states of mental consciousness, deeper understanding, love and acceptance of the world, well-being and health and lower levels of stress.



"Thank you so much for such a useful session, everyone present at the session fed back as to how nice it was and how many of the team slept so much better that night. I have used it several times since, as I know many members of the team have also." Julie, Mid Downs Medical Practice




This fantastic article collates 76 different studies from across the globe that has found evidence to support the physical and mental benefits oflearning and practicing meditation.


Mind Detox Tunbridge Wells Meditation Group

Mind Detox Tunbridge Wells runs an online weekly meditation group, 8.15-9.15pm every Monday. This class is open to anyone with an existing meditation practice that would like to be part of a supportive online community and enjoy group meditation. The class format includes exploration of a spiritual theme such as Noticing the Now Space or playing with being extra gentle in our practice, before closing our eyes for upwards of 20 minutes to complete your prefered meditation technique. 

For more information check out our Facebook events page or sign up to the Mind Detox Tunbridge Wells newsletter, we would be delighted to welcome you.

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