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Mind Calm Meditation


 Mondays 8.15pm-9.15pm - 5th Oct - 9th Nov 2020

(6 week online course)



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Mind Calm Group



Mind Calm for Health

Weds 11th March 2020

10am - 4.30pm 

(one day workshop)


Connected Chiropractic, Wall Hill Farm, Forest Row, East Sussex RH18 5EE


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Join these fun and easy workshops to transform your relationship with your mind, your body and your life!



"Mind Calm has changed my life! I used to be so anxious. Instead, I use the meditation to stay calm when I am worried. People ask me why I smile so much. It's because I now feel JOY for no reason at all. Thank you Becci!" 



"Thank you for a lovely day last Saturday. You're very gifted at holding a group together. I came away inspired for my classes this week and they've gone super well."



The 4 Hidden Causes of a Busy Mind

Ever wish you could stop your mind from working overtime? You are not alone!


Everyone has a busy mind from time to time, but what makes the mind so busy? And how can we let go of the constant chatter?


There are 4 hidden causes of a busy mind, and these causes impact on our happiness, our ability to enjoy life as it is and experience the present moment.


In this 1hr webinar, I will talk you through why you are what you seek, how it takes effiort to be anything but present and how to catch that busy mind of yours before it drives you crazy. I also share a technique that helps to calm the nervous system and allows the mind to go still. 






So what next?

If you enjoyed the Mind Calm in Minutes intro talk, then you'll LOVE the Mind Calm Online Course! Through it, you get the chance to learn more about meditation and how your true nature is peace, joy and happiness and all those lovely things that you shared that are your hearts greatest desire. We'll dive deeper into an experience of calm with GAAWO and all 10 Calm thoughts, and we'll learn some calm games to help you stay on track with your practice.


Or maybe your would prefer a Body Calm Workshop, for Peace with Body? Perfect for anyone that is experiencing a health condition right now and wants to feel more empowered and Calm.



The next Mind Calm Online 6 week Course starts 8.15pm Mon 5th October 2020

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The next Body Calm One Day Workshop starts Mon 1st June 2020.

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Or, for some, you may prefer to have one to one Calm CoachingCalm Coaching delivers the one day workshops in over a series of four coaching sessions. These sessions can be tailoured to your specific needs and you'll have more time to ask questions and practice the technique between learning the next part. 

Get in touch if you'd like to know about a 1:1 coaching package.


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