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"GAAWO has been amazing at helping me deal with the pain from a complex fracture. I use it to fall asleep at night and to help with pain levels during the day. I don't know how I would have coped without it."





"I thoroughly recommend this meditation practice! 6 hours with Becci has changed my mindset for the better and my mind is far more centred. Such a worthwhile investment and something really worth exploring."





 "Such a simple yet profound technique that really changes the relationship with your mind. After just a week of practicing the meditation twice daily my mind has already become calmer and more present."





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Calm Meditation - what's that?

Mind Calm and Body Calm are the modern meditation techniques that know the secret to success is calmness.


Instead of having to stop your thoughts, change your emotions or have a perfect life before you can enjoy serenity and success, Mind Calm and Body Calm helps you to access the inner state of calm, clarity, confidence and contentment - NOW.


By doing so, you begin to notice more, experience more, perform at your best, sleep better, access your intuition and creativity and connect more meaningfully with others.  


Mind Calm works by helping you to change your relationship with your mind by being 'consciously aware' during daily life. Mind Calm is different from mindfulness because it is awareness-based instead of mind-based, and allows for a deeper experience of calm.


Body Calm works by addressing the core reasons we get sick in the first place. Body Calm Meditation is specifically designed to address the fight-flight response by activating the parasympathetic nervous system and emobdying positive and truthful affirmations that active the body's natural healing response.


Both Mind Calm and Body Calm  let you have the experience of Calmness anytime anywhere, because they are an 'eyes open' and 'eyes shut' practice - which means you can enjoy the big benefits of Calm throughout your day and when you need it most.


Most people don't experience Calm because their head is busy thinking about what has happened, what is happening or what might happen.


Click here to watch the intro webinar - 4 Hidden Causes of a Busy Mind.



GAAWO stands for:








GAAWO moves us away from our fight/flight/freeze reaction and activates our rest and relax parasympathic nervous system by expanding our vision. From here, the mind can go still and we drop into a state of CALM-ing is-ness.



So what next?

If you enjoyed the Hidden Causes of a Busy Mind webinar, then you'll LOVE the Calm workshops and courses! In it, you get the chance to learn more about meditation and how your true nature is peace, joy and happiness and all those lovely things that you shared that are your hearts greatest desire. We'll dive deeper into an experience of calm with GAAWO and all 10 Calm thoughts, and we'll learn some calm games to help you stay on track with your practice. 



The next Mind Calm 6-week Intro Class starts Mon 7th Jan 2019.

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Or, for some, you may prefer to have one to one Coaching. Coaching delivers the one day workshops over a series of four coaching sessions. These sessions can be tailoured to your specific needs and you'll have more time to ask questions and practice the technique between learning the next part. 

Get in touch if you'd like to know about a 1:1 coaching package.

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