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Jill's story


Jill came to see me in 2011 because she wanted help with clearing the issues surrounding her 'arthritic' hips and issues linked with a neck injury. Below she recounts her story as to why she choose Mind Detox and what it resolved for her.



I went to see Becci in July 2011 because I was strugging as to why I was 'holding on' to negative energy and old belief patterns around my hips; I have osteo arthritis; and round my neck; I have a multinodular goitre, both of which I have been working on with the 'mind/body connection' since coming back from a 7 day 'Mind/body Detox' in Turkey, in 2010 with Sandy Newbigging.  Although I knew how to detox myself I had got stuck!  I'd managed to reduce the size of the goitre and was maintaining good use of my hips with the help of alternative therapies and a good attitude.  Becci has been trained as a Mind Detox practitioner by Sandy and I wanted to find someone fairly local to me to give me a 'session' and clear the mental blockages I felt I was holding on to, I found Becci. 

I have had trouble with my hips since starting the menopause; this was a very trying time for me as having babies and Mothering was a crucial part of my life and I felt I was losing the very essence of what made me who I am.  I felt I was not allowing myself to let go of the fertile phase of my life and move on to being 'different'.  I was scared of losing the ability to Mother and have no purpose anymore even though I am an Holistic Therapist.  During the session with Becci we realised that I was trying, with all my might, to 'hold on' to my fertility and that I kept my whole pelvic region tight not allowing any 'flow' through my pelvis so creating the inflammation that has now become arthritis!  After this revelation Becci asked me how I could still create and maintain the nurturing/Mothering side of me and release the inflammation in my pelvis and she asked me what am I passionate about.......the answer was.... I am passionate about all things maternity and that I needed and wanted to work with pregnancy!  So having put it off for about 10 years I have now booked to study as a Doula, I start the training in 4 weeks time!  A Doula is a Mother who works with ante-natal, birthing and post-natal women, supporting, Mothering and offering them and their family, guidance and reassurance.  I can't wait!!  What of my hips?  With the help of a brilliant sports massage therapist the inflammation has gone and I have more movement and no pain!!   I am still working on the issues surrounding my neck and am about to address those over the next couple of weeks.
The time taken with Becci is of invaluable help and something that everyone who is undergoing any kind of emotional or physical trauma needs to do to find out where their old beliefs and unwanted patterns come from to clear and live a peaceful more fulfilling life.
Jill from Essex

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